About Lockleys Dental Clinic

Dianne Kotanidis

Dr Dianne Kotanidis, BDSc

Hello and welcome to Lockleys Dental. My name is Dianne Kotanidis and I would love to be your dentist. In fact, I would love to look after you and your family.

I have been enjoying working as a dentist for almost 20 years and I am passionate about what I do. It gives me great satisfaction to see my patients regularly for their dental recalls and necessary treatment. It’s a rewarding experience when your patients keep coming back to your practice for their care.

It is also wonderful to meet new patients and to establish a rapport and new relationship that becomes long lasting.


Sue, Dental Assistant

Now let me introduce you to Sue. Sue has been a dental assistant for over 20 years and enjoys working in the dental field and contributing to the care and well being of our patients.

Sue and I have been working together for 15 years and I feel we make an exceptional team. This working relationship allows us to have a great work flow and this helps our patients feel comfortable and confident that they are being looked after.

One of the greatest compliments our patients can give us is the referral of their family and friends. We welcome these referrals and are very happy to look after the whole family.